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Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount

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Mount-It! Heavy-Duty Tilt TV Wall Mount for 42-70” LCD / Plasma / LED TVs

SKU: MI-303L
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Quick Overview
MI-303L tilt TV wall mount supports 42" to 70" LCD, Plasma and LED TVs. MI-303L allows for a 15 degree tilt both up and down, to optimize your viewing angle from a couch or seating area. The back of the display sits only 3.1 inches off the wall for a sleek installation. The kit includes everything you need for installation, including easy-align brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to two wood or metal studs, brick or concrete.

Is this the mount for me?
-Fits TVs between 42” to 70 inches
-Supports VESA up to 800 x 400

Product Features
-Fit nearly all flat-panel TVs
-Powder coated steel construction
-Sleek, high-tech look

Range of Motion
-Tilt: Yes
-Swivel: No
-Extension from wall: 3.1 inches

-Mounting Holes should be up to 800 x 400.
-Maximum TV weight: 220 lbs

Will this mount fit my flat screen?
- This mount works with 99% of flat screen TVs on the market. For 100% certainty, however, please call us.

Included in Box
-Mount, nuts, bolts, washers necessary for installation. Includes complete hardware kit and installation instructions.

How to Measure Your VESA For Mount MI-303L
-To find the VESA for Mount MI-303L, look at four holes in the back of your TV and measure the distance between them, both horizontally and vertically in millimeters. This would be your VESA.

Selection Guide for MI-303L
Tilt: MI-303L wall mounts can be sloped at an angle so that the screen faces slightly downward. Tilting feature also helps reduce or even eliminate glare and reflections on your TV.

Will It Fit My TV?
-Mount-It MI-303L will fit various TVs and sizes. From Panasonic, Vizio, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, Sanyo, Dynex, Pioneer, RCA, ViewSonic, Yamaha, Zenith, Acer, Compaq, Daewoo, Dynex, Fujitsu, Hitachi, JVC and more.

TV Size: 40 inch, 42 inch, 46 inch, 47 inch, 48 inch, 50 inch, 51 inch, 55 inch, 56 inch, 58 inch, 60 inch, 65 inch, 70 inch
Mount Type: Tilt Mount
VESA: 400x200, 400x300, 400X400, 600x200, 600x300, 600x400, 600x450, 700x400, 700x450, 800x200, 800x400, 800x450
Additional Product Information

Questions & Answers

Do you need any after-market items to mount this to the wall? brackets/screws/braces?

The mount comes with lag screws and concrete anchors, but the lag screws are made to go into wood studs as well. So you have options for wood stud and concrete/block mounting in the box. You shouldn't need any additional brackets/screws/braces, unless you

I have 36 inch clearance above my fireplace & a 33 inch TV. Does anyone know if this will fit? And HOW is the TV mounted to the bracket? Slide on?

I'm assuming you mean your tv is 33" tall. It would be a tight fit. Mount it as low as possible because you need 1-2" above to set the hooks connected to the tv into the wall mounted rail. I suppose you could slide it on, but it would be awkward and you r

work with sharp 50"?

It should without a problem i have it on a 52 inch widescreen samsung older one that weighs quite a bit.

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  • Continuous tilt motion is possible without the use of tools.
    Powder coated steel construction provides a sleek, high-tech look.
    Security locking mechanism to prevent the TV from unlatching from mount.
    Built in lateral shift.
    Built in bubble level included in backplate for convenience.
    Universal mounting brackets fit nearly all flat-panel TVs
    Wall plate comes with square hole for convenient cable access
    Includes complete hardware kit and installation instructions.
  • type manual here... 

Customer Reviews

Mounted a Sharp 70" LED TV

I mounted a 70" Sharp LED TV with no problem. The back panel is 36" long, which allowed me to easily bolt onto two studs 24" apart. The included directions were easy to follow and all the hardware was included. You will need the following: stud finder, ruler, level, drill 3/16, and finishing nails. The finishing nails are optional, but I used them to level the mounting panel and mark the exact holes for the pilot drilling. This helped with the level accuracy when drilling and bolting in the mount.The Sharp mounted is the LC70C6400U, which is rated at 87lb without the base.

High quality and good value !

Ron Hayes
I purchased the TV mount from Ultimovalue and realized a significant saving when compared to prices at Best Buy. The 32" Sharp LCD set in our bedroom had crapped out, so I purchased a 42" Panasonic plasma set to replace it. I've had terrific luck with Panasonic TVs (the 50" plasma monitor in our rec room has been flawless for 5+ years). However, the mount for the 32" set couldn't accomodate the 42" set. I placed my order on Sunday and it arrived the following Saturday. The product was very sturdy (I told my wife it would hold a Buick), easy to install, and included a free HDMI cable - which I used to connect the cable box. This is a terrific product and I'd recommend it to anyone needing a sturdy tv mount at a fraction of the cost at Best Buy !

Well thought out...

I was very pleased with this mount. It came with a large variety of bolts, washers and lock washers including exactly what my 55" Panasonic needed. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The level glass on the wall bracket is an nice feature and makes installation a breeze. The bolts that hold the bottom of the tv bracket to the wall bracket are a little difficult to reach with the included allen wrench, however it you rotate the tilt to that the tv is tilted toward the ceiling they are easier to get to. If the tv were lighter the installation could have been completed by one person. The mount is secure and invisible.

Universal TV wall mount

J. Springer
We needed a TV wall mount and three HDMI cables for our 50" Panasonic Plasma TV. I read several write-ups on this product and decided to order it. The TV mount was very sturdy, easy to install, included a free HDMI cable, sturdy anchors for attaching to sheet rock and brick walls, and had numerous screw sizes for attaching the TV to the mount. This is an excellent product and I'd recommend it to anyone needing a sturdy and easy to install TV mount.

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